Community Soil Foundation

Program Director

Kristin Maharg Suarez

Kristin believes personal connections to nature is an essential ingredient in creating genuine curiosity and deep appreciation for the world. She particularly connects to camping under the stars and exploring local waterways. With extensive experience in collaborating with non-profits, government agencies and educational institutions on behalf of environmental stewardship, Kristin’s ultimate goal is for humans to have a good time on Earth while adopting principles of diversity as our metric of success. Her UW-Madison degrees focused on wildlife & agroecology, Spanish and water resources management. She refined her leadership at Water Education Colorado and now eagerly serves as the Program Director for Community Soil Foundation, providing behind-the-scenes support and strategy for staff and volunteers. An advocate of colorfully sustainable food, rainbow salsa with blue corn chips is her favorite garden treat. And after 15 years of delivering youth education programs, Kristin’s admiration for childhood development has recently expanded to her own little one. Alongside her super smart husband, they all enjoy playing outside with the pooch and learning new tricks!