Community Soil Foundation

Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

Taj Hittenberger

Born and raised in Petaluma, Taj graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Community-Based Land Restoration. His research explored the history of settlement and water management in the Russian River watershed, and the impacts they’ve had on native Coho salmon populations. Back in the fog-laden and oak-dappled hills of Sonoma County, Taj’s work now rests at the convergence of education, stewardship, nature connection, and creative writing, continually living out the question: What does it mean to connect with, belong to, and care for a place, and how do we live with an active, well-informed love for the land, people, and cultures that make up our home? A deeply felt sense of belonging – being bound to the health of this water, this soil, and these oaks – guides his efforts to protect and restore wild habitats and waterways, and eventually pass on a thriving home to future generations. It is with great excitement and honor that he has the opportunity to serve as Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, and collaborate with many others dedicated to caring for this place.